Yutaka Kato was born in Tronto (Canada) in 1974. Raised in Osaka, Lives and works in Tokyo. After graduating from Nihon University majoring in Visual Communication, he started showing his work in magazines and books as an illustrator. He also has showed his work at the exhibitions in Japan and abroad, representing his most popular drawing series that he has been creating at the Macdonald’s for many years. Most recent exhibitions are “NIGHT SHIFT” at waitingroom (Tokyo) in 2009,““PEOPLE & BUILDING” at waitingroom (Tokyo) in 2014,““Draw” at NO.12 Gallery (Tokyo) in 2006,“MICROPOP” at Gallery AAA (Paris) in 2007.

主な展覧会に、2014年個展「PEOPLE & BUILDING」(waitingroom、東京)2009年個展「NIGHT SHIFT」(waitingroom、東京)2006年個展「DRAW」(NO.12 GALLERY/東京)、2007年グループ展「MICROPOP」(Gallery AAA/パリ)など。